LAST REVISED: 05 Sep 2011

as of 01 Jan 2010

Regular Membership $110.00$25.00
Family ApplicationAll Family Applications must be submitted at the same time to take advantage of this discount.  
 Originating Application$110.00$25.00
 Each Additional Family Application:$60.00$25.00
Related Person (18 - 25)If you are the son, grandson, brother, nephew or grand-nephew of someone who is or was a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, Daughters of the American Revolution or Children of the American Revolution, then there is an established lineage for your membership and reference must be made to the application of the member or former member. The other requirement is that you be over eighteen years of age and under twenty-five years of age. The National application price is then offered at a discounted regular membership price.$60.00$25.00
Junior Membership   
 Establishing a New Lineage$90.00$25.00
 Using an Established Lineage$40.00$25.00
 Current NSCAR Member$40.00$25.00
Transfer from C.A.R. to S.A.R.NSCAR Member must be between 18 and 22 years of age and be current with his NSCAR membership.$60.00$25.00
NSSAR Life MembershipAge 18 to 40 years$900.00N/A
 Over 40 year of age reduce dues amount by $15.00 for each year over 40.$900.00 - ((age-40) x $15.00)N/A
Memorial MembershipDeceased male who is a close relative of an SAR member within two generations whose application is based on (most of) the same lineage as that SAR member.$310.00N/A
Youth Registrant
(Note: Youth Applications are no longer being accepted effective 10 Jul 2011).
Male under 18 for whom a fully documented application has been accepted and held in escrow (must be activated by age 29).$30.00N/A
Youth Transfer to Active Junior Membership Youth Registrant wishing to transfer to Active Junior Membership.$5.00$25.00
Youth Transfer to Active Regular Membership Youth Registrant wishing to transfer to Active Regualr Membership $30.00$25.00
Supplemental Application $40.00$5.00
ReinstatementComplete NSSAR Form #0918$30.00$13.00 KYSSAR Dues
plus Chapter Dues
Transfer of MembershipComplete NSSAR Form #0919 - no fees if dues are current and a Record Copy of Aplication is provided to receiving State Society’s SecretaryN/AN/A
 Complete NSSAR Form #0918 if not in good standing with demitting State Society.$30.00$13.00 KYSSAR Dues
plus Chapter Dues
Dual Society MembershipComplete NSSAR Form #0920.N/A$13.00 KYSSAR Dues
plus Chapter Dues (see table below for amount).
Dual KYSSAR Chapter MembershipPay KYSSAR Chapter Dues directly to Treasurer of Dual Membership Chapter.N/Asee Chapter Dues below for amount.

as of 17 Apr 2012

Bowling Green, Warren Co.Capt. Charles Duncan$17.00
Cadiz, Trigg Co. Col. Stephen Trigg


Corbin, Laurel Co.James Early$5.00
Florence, Kenton Co.Simon Kenton$12.00
Georgetown, Scott Co.Capt. John Scott$7.00
Greenup, Greenup Co. John Howe $12.00
Hopkinsville, Christian Co.John Manire$5.00
Lexington, Fayette Co.Lafayette $ 15.00
Louisville, Jefferson Co.Louisville Thruston$12.00
Madisonville, Hopkins Co.Capt. John Metcalfe$10.00
Maysville, Mason Co.George Mason$ -0-
Owensboro, Daviess Co.Lt. Robert Moseley$ -0-
Paducah, McCracken Co.Capt James Campen$ -0-
Prestonsburg, Floyd Co.Big Sandy$ -0-
Shelbyville, Shelby Co.Gov. Isaac Shelby$12.00
Somerset, Pulaski Co. Count Casimir Pulaski $15.00
Williamsburg, Whitley Co.Capt. Charles Gatliff$17.00
Williamstown, Grant Co.Capt. William Arnold$5.50