LAST REVISED: 23 Nov 2012

Our Outreach Programs consist of:
Color Guard Activities


  • Commemorations
Battle of Blue Licks Luncheon Color Guard
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Battle of Cowpens
Cowpens Memorial
Battle of Cowpens Memorial
Brass Cowpens Plate
Battle of Cowpens Memorial Plaque
Battle of Cowpens Memorial Service
J. David Simpson after placing KYSSAR Wreath - Cowpens

  • Flag Retirements
National Soceity Sons of the American Revolution Headquarters
Flag Retirement - NSSAR HQ

  • Celebrations
Citizen Naturalization Ceremonies
  • Grave Markings & Memorial Service

Community Support Awards

  • Emergency Medical Services - performing beyond the duties normally called for within the Emergency Medical Services profession.
  • Fire Services - for exceptional service by fire service, emergency response and fire insurance personnel.
  • Flag Display Certificates - for citizens who regularly and properly display the Flag of the United States.
  • Good Citizenship Medals - for significant community leadership over a long period of time in several organizations.
  • Heroism - for outstanding bravery and self-sacrifice in the face of imminent danger.
  • Law Enforcement - for exceptional service by police, state troopers, and officers of the courts.
  • Specialty Certificates - recognition given for special events or activities
Education Support
Youth Activities