Insignia, Medals, & Awards

Last Revised: 09 Nov 2013

Detail about the Sons of the American Revolution Insignia, Medals and Awards is available in our S.A.R. Handbook, Volume 3. The listing below enumerates many of those items.


  • SAR Member Badge
  • SAR Chest and Neck Ribbon
  • Rosette
  • Broad Sash
  • Society President Badge
  • Supplemental Star
  • Vice President General Pin
  • Trustee Pin
  • Former President Pin
  • Aide-De-Camp Pin
  • Membership Pins
  • Other Pins
  • SAR Logo
  • SAR Seal
  • SAR Flag

Medals Awarded for Service to the SAR

  • Minuteman Award
  • National Medal of Distinguished Service
  • State Medal of Distinguished Service
  • Patriot Medal
  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • Liberty Medal
  • Florence Kendall Award
  • SAR Centennial Medal
  • George Washington Bicentennial Medal
  • SAR Charter Centennial Medal
  • SAR International Medal
  • SAR Daughters of Liberty Medal
  • SAR Medal of Appreciation
  • Martha Washington Medal
  • Council of State Presidents’ Medals
  • Samuel Adams Congress Appreciation Medals
  • NSSAR Color Gurad Medals
  • Von Steuben Medal for Sustained Color Guard Achievement
  • Molly Pitcher Medal

SAR Specialty Medal(s)

  • Specialty Medal
  • Treaty of Paris Medal
  • United Kingdom Congress Medal
  • Congress of Paris Medal
  • Paix De 1783 Medal
  • Espana 2010 Medal

NSSAR Fundraising Medals

  • Arthur M. King Eagle Scout Scholarship Fund Medal
  • JROTC Endowment Medal
  • Dr. Joseph Warren Medal for Orations
  • Thomaw Jefferson Medal for Support of the Essay Contest

Medals Awarded for Service to the Community

  • Gold Good Citizenship Medal
  • Silver Good Citizenship Medal
  • Bronze Good Citizenship Medal
  • War Service Medal
  • Military Service Medal
  • Medal for Heroism
  • Law Enforcement Commendation Medal
  • Fire Safety Commendation Medal
  • Emergency Medical Services Commendation Medal
  • Service to Veterans Medal
  • William C. Westmoreland Award
  • Robert E. Burt Boy Scout Volunteer Award Medal
  • CAR-SAR Medals of Appreciation
  • Outstanding Citizenship Award Lapel Pin

Certificate Awards Presented for Service to the SAR and the United States

  • SAR Distinguished Patriot Award
  • SAR Distinguished Patriotic Leadership Award
  • President General’s Distinguished Service Citation
  • Distinguished Service Certificate
  • Former Vice President General Certificate
  • Former State Society President Certificate
  • Former Chapter President Certificate
  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Outstanding Citizenship Certificate
  • Flag Certificate
  • SAR Congress Attendance Certificate
  • Blank Certificate

Streamer Awards

  • Officer Streamer Award
  • President General’s Color Guard Trophy
  • Color Guard Streamer Award
  • NSCAR Activity Streamer
  • USS Stark Memorial Streamer
  • Admiral William R. Furlong Memorial Streamer

Awards for Membership Activities

  • President General’s State Society and Chapter Activities Competition Award
  • Allene Wilson Groves Americanism Award
  • Liberty Bell Americanism Award
  • President General’s Cup
  • Genealogist General’s Award
  • Colorado Award
  • Houston Chapter Award
  • Kentucky Cup
  • Eugene C. McGuire Award
  • William M. Melone Award
  • Ohio Award
  • Matthew B. Sellers, III Award
  • Len Young Smith Award
  • Robert L. Sonfield Award
  • Walter G. Sterling Award
  • Senator Robert A. Taft Award
  • Texas Award
  • Richard H. Thompson, Jr. Award
  • Arthur J. Tremble Award – The 1776 Trophy

Awards for Specific Activities Other than Membership

  • Newsletter and Periodical Awards
  • Grahame T. Smallworrd, Jr. Award
  • Jennings H. Flathers Award
  • Paul M. Niebell, Sr. Award
  • Carl F. Bissent Award
  • Eleanor Smallwood Niebell Award
  • Marian L. Brown Eagle Scout Award
  • John H. Haughton Enhanced JROTC Award
  • Admiral William R. Furlong Memorial Award
  • SAR Legislator’s Award
  • Win Williams SAR Magazine Award
  • USS Stark Memorial Award
  • Partners In Patriotism Award
  • Syracuse Award
  • Minnesota Society Stephen Taylor Award
  • Edwin B. Graham Plaque
  • Harold L. Putnam Award
  • George S. & Stella M. Knight Award
  • Thomas Jefferson Bond, Jr. Memorial Photographic Award
  • Col. Stewart Boone McCarthy Award
  • Robert B. Vance Award
  • Howard F. Horne, Jr. Award
  • Walter Buchanan “Buck” Meek Award
  • DAR/SAR Award
  • Friends of the Library Award

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