Americanism Contest

Last revised: 18 February 2019

The Americanism Score Sheet may be used as a measure of the health of your chapter. Members should consider each of the named Categories as Goals to achieve organizational success. We should challenge each other to reach the goals for every categories. As this challenging of members by other members to achieve these goals you will see your the attitude of your chapter’s membership change from dutiful attendance at chapter activities and meetings to one of enthusiastic involvement and a willing desire to participate. You will gradually see chapter membership start to call the chapter “our chapter” as they take ownership of the many facets of chapter activities and functions. Once this starts the enthusiasm becomes contagious and fosters involvement by less active members who start to participate and have fun the furthering chapter goals. Sub-categories under the categories further defined a path to chapter success, much like a detailed road map helps you to reach your destination on a trip. There are only sixteen Categories on the Americanism Score Sheet. The sixteen Categories are further broken down into Sub-Categories.

Additional information on this contest can be found at this link.