MANNING, Jesse, Sr.

Last revised: 06 Mar 2014

(18 Aug 1745 – Before 15 Nov 1825)

Jesse Manning, Sr. was a farmer. He was born on 18 Aug 1745 at Bellerica, Midlesex Co., MA. After the death of his father he purchased all of the paternal homestead from the other heirs after 05 Sep 1762 at Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA. Jesse married Anne Carleton, daughter of John & Hannah Carleton on 02 Dec 1766 in the Bellerica Church at Medford, Middlesex Co., MA. He was on the Billerica Committee to provide supplies for the Army circa 1775 and was serving in the military on 19 Apr 1775 at Lexington, Middlesex Co., MA. During the Revolutinary War he marched to the Lexington alarm in Captain Solomon Pollard’s Company of Colonel Green’s Regiment. He married Elizabeth Abbot, daughter of Asa & Elizabeth Abbot on 30 Dec 1779. He married Abigail Baldwin, daughter of David Baldwin & Sarah Hill on 30 Dec 1802. Jesse Manning, Sr. died before 15 Nov 1825 because his Will was probated at Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA on that date. In his Will he named his grandson, Jesse Manning, as the executor of his estate.