MATHIS, Conrad

Last Revised: 16 May 2014

(16 Jan 1746 – 06 Sep 1832)

CONRAD MATHIS was born 16 Jan 1746 in Frederick County Maryland. He served in Maryland Militia during the Revolutionary War as a Sergeant in Benjamim Ogle’s Company of the Flying Camp of Western Maryland.

Morvanion Church records of Frederick Co., Maryland shows Conrads’ children being baptised from 1781 until Conrad Jr. in 1787. Conrad and wife Mary M. are also listed as sponsor of Grandson, Benjamin Weller in 1795 Morvanion Church.

Conrad Mathis and his family were listed on the 1790 Census of Frederick County Maryland, where they lived until around 1800 when they moved West with the “Colony of Pennsylvania Germans“ and settled in the “German Hill” community near Bardstown in Nelson County, Kentucky.

The Church that was formed was Lutheran Evangilica and for a time, the congregation met in the barn on Conrad’s farm. George Harrison, who owned the old Stone house and property nearby, donated land for the church and cemetery to Trustees: Conrad Mathis, Amos Smith and George Harrison.

The first church was erected in 1818 and later a larger brick church was built in 1833. This church stood until an 1942 Tornado demolished it. The church was active until 1912 with only 7 members remaining before merging with a church in Louisville. The last surviving member of the church was Mrs. Rebecca Elizabeth Wimsatt.

In March 1832 Conrad Mathis Jr. died at the age of 45; 6 months later Conrad Mathis Sr. died September 6, 1832 at the age of 86 and another 4 months later the widow and mother Mary Magdelena died January 1833. They were all buried in a row in the church cemetery.