Minuteman Award

Last Revised: 28 Oct 2013

  • Minuteman Award
      The Minuteman Award is the highest award presented to a member by the National Society. It is presented for active and distinguished service rendered to the SAR at the national level. Annually at the Spring Leadership Meeting, the Minuteman Committee, which is composed of members holding the award, will select no more than six award recipients for the current year and announce those selected at the meeting. The President General appoints the Minuteman Committee.
      The award was authorized in 1952 and consists of a rectangular medal, struck in sterling silver suspended from a neck ribbon of light blue silk. The obverse depicts a Minuteman holding a rifle with a plow in the background along with the Liberty Bell. The reverse is inscribed “Highest Award of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution. Presented to (Name, Year).” A certificate accompanies the medal. A miniature version is available.
      The President General presents the award during the Minuteman Ceremony at each Annual Congress. At that ceremony, all previous recipients of the award in attendance, dressed in white dinner jackets, are seated on the dais. A previous recipient of the Minuteman Award, chosen by the honoree, escorts the new honoree to the dais. The Minuteman Award is awarded only to individual members on a one-time basis. It is not presented in absentia.
      A nominee must have a minimum of five years of active and distinguished service to the National Society. He must have served at least three years in a National elective office (General Officer, Vice President General, Trustee, or Alternate Trustee); as well as having served as a Committee or Task Force Chairman/Vice Chairman for at least three years. All requirements should be thoroughly reviewed before making the nomination
      Guidelines for Submission of the Nomination Form:

      1. Only the national activity of the nominee will be considered. State, Chapter or Community activities are not to be included in the supporting documentation. Service to the Society while being a member of the paid NSSAR staff will not be considered. National service prior to employment and during non-working hours may be considered for qualification for the award.
      2. For the office held, elected, or appointed, the year of the election or appointment must be shown. (i.e. National Trustee – 2010. Not National Trustee – 2010-2011).
      3. The Minuteman Committee will consider numerous criteria including, but not limited to, the following service to the National Society:
        1. Elected service such as General Officer, President of the SAR Foundation, Vice President General, Trustee and Alternate Trustee, and Chairman of NSSAR Fund Raising. [See Para. 9]
        2. Member of the Nominating Committee
        3. Member of the Executive Committee or elected members of the SAR Foundation Board. [See Para. 9]
        4. Chairman or Vice Chairman of a National Committee/Taskforce
        5. Member of a National Committee/Task Force, enumerate Committee(s)/Task Force [See Para. 9]
        6. Attendance at National Congresses
        7. Attendance at National Leadership Meetings – Spring and Fall. [See Para. 9]
        8. First line signer of new members. [A list with new member’s name, SAR National Number, and the date of admission is required.]
        9. Organization of new chapter(s) by the nominee. Provide the name(s) of the chapter(s) and the dates of charter(s). Chapter(s) must be active, successful, and viable at time of application.
        10. Development of new program(s) by the nominee during the five years preceding this nomination. The program(s) must have been approved by the Executive Committee, implemented and in operation at the time of the nomination. [Documentation must be attached.]
        11. Other significant service to the National Society such as, but not limited to, PG Travel Coordinator [Documentation required]
        12. Monetary donations to any of the NSSAR’s or SAR Foundation’s endowment or operating funds [Documentation required]
      4. For clarity of understanding by the Minuteman Committee, the nomination form and all documentation must be typed or computer-generated using a word processor. For convenience, an electronic version is available for downloading from the SAR website.
      5. Letters of endorsement are not necessary and should not be submitted.
      6. Nominations must be received at the National Headquarters no later than January 1 of the year of consideration.
      7. Nominations are for the current year only. Nominations will not be carried forward to subsequent years.
      8. The applicant along with the President or Secretary of the State Society of which the nominee is a member must sign the nomination form.
      9. The Minuteman Committee will not consider membership in more than five committees in any year. Membership on the Executive or Nominating committees is considered an elective office and is exempt from this provision. Furthermore, credit for Executive Committee membership is given only for those voting members appointed by the President General and confirmed by the Trustees. Attendance at two Leadership Meetings within the same calendar year is required to get credit for one year of committee leadership/membership. Elected National Officer credit(s) for Trustee and Alternate Trustee are limited to a maximum of three years for each office.
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