Patriot Information

Last Revised: 06 Oct 2013

What is a Patriot?

A Patriot was an individual who, during the American Revolutionary War, displayed unfailing loyalty to America in our War for Independence in one of the following ways:

  • Signed the Declaration of Independence
  • Was a┬áMember of any of the Continental Congresses
  • Rendered material aid, such as:
    • Furnishing supplies with or without remuneration
    • Lending money to the Colonies, munitions makers, and gunsmiths
    • Any other material aid which furthered the Cause
  • Provided Military or Naval service:
    • Served at the Battle of Point Pleasant, October 10, 1774
    • Service from April 19, 1775 to November 26, 1783
    • Furnishing a substitute for military service
  • Served as a Members of the:
    • Boston Tea Party
    • Kaskaskia Campaign
    • Galvez Expedition
    • Cherokee Expedition
    • Edenton Tea Party
  • Defenders of forts and frontiers; rangers
  • Prisoners of war, including those on the British ship “Old Jersey,” and other prison ships.
  • Physician, surgeon, nurse, or others rendering aid to the wounded.
  • Civil service under the Colonies from April 19, 1775, to November 26, 1783, inclusive
  • Member of committees made necessary by the war, such as:
    • Cherokee Expedition
    • Committee of Correspondence
    • Committee of Inspection and Safety
    • Committee to care for soldiers’ families or
    • any other Committees which furthered the cause of the Colonies from six months before the Battle of Point Pleasant.
  • Any pledge to support the cause of the Colonies, such as signing the Oath of Fidelity and Support:
    • Oath of Allegiance
    • Articles of Association
    • The Cumberland Compact and
    • similar declarations.
  • Signers of petitions addressed to and recognizing the authority of the provisional and new state governments.
  • Persons accepting obligations or acting under direction of the provisional and new state governments, such as persons directed to hold elections, to oversee road construction, to collect provisions, etc.
  • Ministers known to be in sympathy with the Colonies, either by sermon, speech, or action.

There are three types of Patriot Information accessible from site:

  1. Proven Patriot Ancestors of Kentucky Society D. A. R. & S. A. R. members.
  2. Patriots Buried in Kentucky and
  3. The National Society Sons of the American Revolution Patriot Index & Graves Registry.

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