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The calendar of events for the color guard are in the process of being transferred to a new page.  The new calendar of events can now be found at Calendar of Events (new).

The Kentucky Society, Sons of the American Revolution Color Guardsman of the Year Award was established in 2021 to recognize sustained support of the Society through color guard activities.  As the objectives of this Society are declared to be patriotic, historical, and educational, the Color Guardsman of the Year should also reflect these objectives through his color guard activities.
Examples of the types of color guard activities fulfilling each of these objectives is as follow:

Patriotic – participation in civic and patriotic events and observances such as the Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Armed Forces Day, Flag Day, Patriots Day, Bill of Rights Day, Yorktown Day, Constitution Day, and important battles of the Revolutionary War.

Historical – commemorations and support of memorials for the people and events of the American Revolution.

Educational – providing color guard displays to inform the community about the events of the American Revolution.  This may also include promoting flag etiquette, as specified in the United States Code, Title 4, Chapter 1, within the NSSAR and the community.

The guidelines for the selection of the Kentucky Society Color Guardsman of the Year are provided in the link below.

Kentucky Society Color Guardsman of the Year Award

Calendar of Events Submissions:  Color guard and other events can be submitted for inclusion on the Kentucky Society calendar.  Three files are required for submitting an event and can be downloaded from the links below.  The completed files should be emailed to the webmaster.

Posting of events

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